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We will make mental health and addiction a national issue in 2016.

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The Issue

Mental health conditions and addiction touch the lives of millions of Americans. We need to transform the way these illnesses are treated in our healthcare system and ensure that all Americans get the treatment and services they need.

1 in 4 people in the U.S.

are currently affected by a mental health condition or addiction.


We cannot let mental health and addiction remain unaddressed by the candidates running for the highest office in the land.

Jim Ramstad

13.6 Million People

live with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder.

44 Americans

lose their lives to an opioid overdose everyday.

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The Pledge


We are asking our nation’s policymakers, business leaders, and 2016 presidential candidates to take the NOW pledge, which is based on six proven and cost-effective strategies that will transform mental health and addiction in America.

I pledge:

  • To guarantee ACCESS to person-centered treatment, providers, and community-based services and support for all Americans living with mental illness and addiction.
  • To support long term RECOVERY and relapse-prevention for all Americans living with addiction and mental illness so that every opportunity, from education to employment, is within reach.
  • To advance INTEGRATION of addiction and mental illness care with physical health in all settings and throughout our public systems, from criminal justice to foster care, so that we treat the whole person and bend the cost curve.
  • To honor our VETERANS by improving addiction and mental illness services for all service men and women, and their families, so that we end the growing veteran suicide and addiction rates.
  • To prioritize PREVENTION in our communities – health care settings, schools, and workplaces – so that we stop crises before they start and nurture healthy brains that are ready to learn and ready to work.
  • To encourage INNOVATION in research, technology, and models of care so that we continue to improve treatment and outcomes for people living with mental illness and addiction tomorrow and into the future.
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Our Campaign

Learn more about NOW campaign, our co-chairs, and our nationwide effort to lay the groundwork for lasting change.

Mental health, HEARD.


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